Business intelligence. In depth.

Nexis is the researcher's most comprehensive global news and business resource. With more UK regional coverage than any similar provider, plus biographical, company, regulatory and legal information that isn't available in other services, Nexis provides insight and perspective that you can't get elsewhere.

  • Enjoy the search flexibility and functionality information professionals require – use Boolean search, manage source lists and search within searches
  • Access legal and regulatory sources including UK cases – add an extra dimension to business decision-making
  • Get extra tools to help you manage regular searches and alerts more efficiently.
  • Search for images, transcripts and videos
  • Mine millions of articles, profiles and snapshots covering companies, people, industries, markets and more.

The breadth of content available means Nexis can answer a range of business needs, from in-depth research through to business development – allowing for cost consolidation as well as enabling knowledge managers to add greater value to their organisation.

Nexis brings many benefits to your organisation

Increase revenue and identify new opportunities

Use information more effectively across your organisation to research new markets, track competitors and manage your reputation

Control costs

Save money by consolidating multiple subscriptions to outside publications and increase efficiencies involved in the information journey

Improve confidence in your business decisions

Trust the information you base your business decisions on the content on Nexis is supplied by the world's leading publishers providing you with confidence that you are working with authoritative content

Manage risk

Demonstrate due diligence to regulators and guard against expensive legal or regulatory failure by screening customers, suppliers and partners

Enrich business development

Identify and acquire new customers and new business opportunities Improve return on investment
Drive usage of CRM systems and intranets with the integration of Nexis, add value to the service and increase customer understanding

Gain competitive and market insight

Understand and gain valuable insight into your market and your competitors

As well as agreed pricing, we can advise on supplier consolidation across your organisation. Plus, we make sure your news & business intelligence is adding value through:

• Proactive account management – regular meetings, quarterly updates, content bulletins and adoption plans
• Dedicated specialist training team and information healthchecks
• Account plans – that map key business deliverables, help you to make sure information is getting to the people who need it and make switching to Nexis as easy as possible

Read our brochure to find out more.

For a Free trial, or to arrange a presentation of this service, call us on +27 11 245 6539/6541/6554 or email us on

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