The TotalPatent™ service, now featuring semantic search technology, is a patent research, retrieval and analysis solution designed with the broadest and deepest collection of online first-level patent information available anywhere.

With the fast-paced changes and challenges of practicing patent law, it can be difficult to stay fully informed. Our TotalPatent service can help your law firm protect, develop and maintain patent assets.

LexisNexis® Semantic Search powered by PureDiscovery can help improve your search results by adding concepts that relate to your search query. You can then review the concepts suggested,assign relative importance (weighting), eliminate concepts you don't wish to use, and even add more concepts of your own. Once you run the semantic search and review the results, you can narrow your search using either semantic or Boolean searching.

Protect your intellectual property and optimize its potential.

  • Patent Search: leave nothing to chance.
    Improve patent integrity and corporate confidence with content from over 100 authorities, of which 30 are full text - virtually all the major patent authorities around the globe. And you can search in machine-translated English or the original language of publication. And now combine specific keyword searching with the new semantic search option to uncover related concepts to cover all the bases.
  • Protect, develop, and maintain your IP assets.
    Improve the quality of your research and stay fully informed with easy access to the world's largest collection of searchable full-text and bibliographic information - with images, citations, legal status, and patent family collections all in one place.
  • Maximize IP asset revenue.
    Get the timely information you need to strengthen your patents and invalidate competitive threats for better business outcomes. And get more done, more efficiently to lower operation costs.
  • Understand your competitors and acquisition targets.
    Quickly understand what others are doing and make sound business decisions with a streamlined analysis process.

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